Wednesday, 25 September 2013

All for charity mate!

Great White Miniatures will be supporting two worthy causes over the next few months by providing prizes. These are Foodhammer held in British Columbia, Canada, and Teamhammer40k held in Mansfield Woodhouse in Notts, UK.

Personal note: 

I attended Foodhammer for its first 2 years and had a great time, I still have the favourite opponent tags to prove it! I like to support this event as it's run by members of my former gaming club, and of course it's all for a good cause too, the Langley Food Bank!

Teamhammer40k is a tournament I first ran in 2012 when I lived in BC, and therefore is possibly the only tournament to have actually migrated between countries for subsequent events. For personal reasons I've supported palliative care with these events, last time it was the Victoria Hospice and now Macmillan Cancer Support.

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